Buyer Project

Brazilian companies meet potential Islamic buyers

Buyer Project will happen on October 25 and 26 in São Paulo. One-on-one B2B meetings with Islamic importers eager to buy products for Halal markets


About the Buyer Project

Exporting to Muslim countries means looking for and finding buyers for Brazilian companies products that cater to the Halal market. That’s why Halal do Brasil created the Buyer Project, an initiative to bring together Brazilian companies with Islamic importers, potential buyers in their niche.

The schedule will include two days of B2B meetings with companies in mind so international buyers can have a commercial match with brands and products. The goal is for companies to do business with the importers and, based on the B2Bs, export products to the Halal markets.

October 25 and 26,
, in São Paulo

Presentation and negotiation
of products

Take advantage of 2 days of market-opening opportunities in Brazil’s most commercially relevant Halal project, with full support from the Arab Brazilian Chamber.

Business Opportunity

Why Brazilian companies participate in the Buyer Project?


Opportunity to do business

The Buyer Project is the opportunity to present products to buyers interested in importing to Arab countries and Halal markets.


One-on-one B2B meetings

Brazilian companies will be able to talk privately with more than one international buyer to negotiate products and verify export viability.


Commercial match with your company

Potential buyers will be chosen in Islamic markets according to the company’s niche and will come to Brazil to negotiate with the brand.

Objetivo da ação

Business Incentive

Project goals

The Buyer Project aims to create opportunities for opening markets and consolidating business in Arab countries and Halal markets through B2Bs and closer contact with potential trade partners.

This project initiative aims to strengthen the Brazilian export culture to the Islamic markets by diversifying the basket and inserting new companies and products in the global Halal market.

International Trading

Advantages of the Halal Market

Why export to Halal markets? The Muslim population worldwide is 1.9 billion people, representing almost 25% of the global population. The Halal food and beverage market could be worth USD 1.66 trillion by 2025.

57 countries have a Muslim-majority population
16% growth in the world's Muslim population
Demand for certified processed foods
Exports to Arab countries total USD 14.42 billion
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Islamic Market

Halal do Brasil Project

The Buyer Project is part of the Halal do Brasil Project, an initiative to encourage Brazilian companies to export to Muslim markets, with improvement, training, certification, commercial promotion, matchmaking, and exchanging business experiences in the Halal segment.

Free Registration

What companies can participate?

To participate in the Buyer Project, a company must be based in Brazil and from the food and beverage sector. It must also have Halal Certification or be interested in obtaining it, in addition to being an exporter or interested in exporting.

Automatically, the company will join the Halal do Brasil Project for free to help it obtain Halal Certification if it does not have it and also to go international if it has not exported yet.

Join the Event

Take advantage of the new values

An Arab Brazilian Chamber initiative in partnership with ApexBrasil, the Buyer Project has part of its costs subsidized. Take advantage of the symbolic investment to participate in the event.

USD 700.00*

Investment for ABCC members

USD 1,400.00*

Investment for non-members: