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Join the Malaysia International Halal Showcase from September 12 to 15 in Kuala Lumpur. Seize the trade opportunities to export to the world’s largest Halal economy

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Understand the Project

Understand the Halal Brazil Project at MIHAS

Has your company considered exporting to Malaysia? Do you know you have to be Halal-certified to reach the world’s largest Halal economy? To guide companies like yours, the Halal Brazil project takes part in the MIHAS show in 2023.

The initiative is taking your company to the Malaysia International Halal Showcase to exhibit your products and brand in an exclusive space for your company in the stand of the Halal Brazil project. The goal is introducing Brazilian companies in the Halal consumer market in Malaysia.

September 12 to 15, 2023,
in Kuala Lumpur

Commercial Immersion and Showcase for Your Brand

Enjoy 4 days of market opening opportunities in the most prominent Halal trade event in Malaysia, with full support from the Arab-Brazilian Chamber.

Exclusive Space

Stand of the Halal Brazil Project at MIHAS


Exclusive area for your brand

Area reserved for your company to exhibit your brand, showcase your products and strike deals with importing partners from Malaysia


Display cabinet

Showcasing products is key for your brand to attract potential buyers. The project makes available an exclusive display cabinet inside your brand’s exclusive area


Counter with company logo

Your brand will be showcased for visitors and potential partners. The project makes available a counter with your company’s logo for this


Table and chairs for meetings

Establishing partnerships is the leading goal of the stand of the Halal Brazil project at MIHAS. So your company will have a meeting area



Interaction is a key factor for attracting visitors. Therefore, we have receptionists to welcome people and aid in whatever your brand requires


Coffee, water, and internet service

Serving potential partners is an excellence we want to achieve at the Halal Brazil stand. So we’ll have coffee, water, and internet service made available


Electricity and cleaning

Lightning to highlight your products is guaranteed. If you require plugs, they’ll be made available. Furthermore, the stand will be constantly cleaned


Support from the Arab-Brazilian Chamber

The staff of the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce will be at your disposal to help your company during the entire MIHAS event, helping in whatever you need

Objetivo da ação

Business Incentive

Purpose of the Action

The purpose of the Halal Brazil stand at MIHAS is creating opportunities for opening markets and cementing business in the Asian continent through a commercial immersion and strengthening ties with potential partners, regulators and accreditors.

This action of the project wants to strengthen the Brazilian exporting culture to access the Islamic market by diversifying exports and taking new businesses and products to the global Halal market.

International Exhibition

Malaysia, an Advantageous Market

Malaysia ranked first among the 81 countries and regions in the Global Islamic Economy Market Indicator for the 9th year running, with over 20 million Halal consumers.

MIHAS is the world’s most comprehensive Halal showcase
The event pulls USD 513 million in deals
Show located in the world’s #1 Halal economy
MIHAS 2022 welcomed 32,000 commercial visitors
60% of the consumers in Malaysia demand Halal goods
Support from the Arab Brazilian Chamber throughout the event
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Islamic Market

Halal Brazil Project

The stand at MIHAS is part of the Halal Brazil Project, an initiative to encourage companies to export to Muslim markets by holding actions of improvement, training, certification, commercial promotion, matchmaking, business experience exchange in Halal.

Free Membership

Can My Company Participate?

To participate in MIHAS, your company must be Brazilian and from the food and beverage sector. It must have a Halal Certification or be interested in obtaining it, besides being an exporter or being interested in exporting.

Your company can join the Halal Brazil project for free. Its purpose is to help companies obtain the Halal Certification if they don’t have one, and go international if they don’t export yet.


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High Return, Low Investment

As it’s an action of the Arab Brazilian Chamber in partnership with the ApexBrasil, the stand at MIHAS is partly subsided. Enjoy the symbolic investment to participate in the event.

USD 2.500,00*
Investment for ABCC members
USD 5.000,00*
Investment for ABCC non-members